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  • Focus

    The idea that you can solve a concern by not focusing on the issue, situation, problem, of challenge relies on luck.  The global protest over the police and judicial system’s […]

  • Pledge of Allegiance in public schools

    9/4/13, BOSTON — A family asked Massachusetts’ highest court Wednesday to ban the daily practice of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, arguing that the words “under God” […]

  • Civil Rights Act – July 1964

    Civil Rights Act – July 1964

  • Inequities in Policy and Procedures Engage Familiar Business Enterprises

    On the heals of American practices of ‘Jim Crow’ atrocities came disguised economic barriers that work in the near exclusion of black owned business enterprises to readily operate in American […]

  • Contract Engagement Parity

    The campaigning for supplier diversity, equity, and inclusion are into hyperactive drive blatantly insisting that black entrepreneurs interested in promoting and marketing products to corporate buyers must first obtain a document […]

Time for the Top Best Practice

August 8, 2020