Before buying into this program, this is a personal note in socioeconomic thinking about minority business certification. First, white-owned male business suppliers are not required or invited to participate in certification of ownership credentials. Second, once certified a minority business has no guarantees of opportunities to bid on possible contracts. Third, a minority certified business is required to market its products/services against all businesses. The set aside concept for minority businesses is not used commonly as it comes under scrutiny that a major corporation is not fair.

My name is Dean and I have participated in minority business development since 1980. I helped to write regulatory certification processes for the California Public Utilities Commission and was dismissed for disagreeing with the process. Certification is a two door process and is discriminatory against black people. Sadly, black entrepreneurs feel MBE certification is a marketing edge, and it is for a few selected ones, but the overall pool of minority business never get a shot at normal contradicting opportunities.

The certification program never reviews the pool for hiring minorities for job opportunities, which was why this small business program was created in 1978 through Public Law 95-507. The MBE certification has made some black millionaires, but the urban jungle remains with no economic opportunities are change in growth for black communities.

The following video was captured from YouTube, and the narrator believes in MBE certification. Even though the process is akin to securing a favorite pet, tamed inside a cage, where certification is associated with deficiency in normal commercial service delivery.