The idea that you can solve a concern by not focusing on the issue, situation, problem, of challenge relies on luck.  The global protest over the police and judicial system’s abuse of power is a major concern that lacks focus.  This concern of governance has been a concern since the beginning of organized societies.

It was so ironic to see the US President Trump hold a bible in front a Saint John’s Church, across the street from the White House, when numerous biblical stories describe corruption and dissatisfaction of the ruling class.

Nonetheless, this photo-opt serves as a distraction. It help to shift the focus from police brutality in America. Such distractions are cloaked in candid significance and some are diversion carried out be self-interest and ego.  There are those like Trump who believe their activity warrants more than what your concern may be.  US President Trump’s action to create a phot-opt led News outlets to share what he had to say/display than dealing with police brutality in America.  Complete diversion from how do we as a society grab hold of appropriately implemented police actions.

The US dialogue has been nearly zero across major media factions on how will the US tackle current policing in America.  Based on countless cases of police brutality and the countless cases that are never filed, it would seem that all eyes and ears would be working toward greater solutions in police service. Where are the focus monitors?

One quick answer worthy of action is to minimize the days an officer or deputy can serve in that capacity.  A large glaring component of police brutality is that the officers involved/accused of terrible acts are rarely rookies.  The more egregious acts of police brutality are perpetrated by veteran law enforcement personnel.  Consequently, why extend time on the street for police officers when it is obvious that stress and frustration will be wrongly taken out on the public.

Police service should be limited to one-two years, and maybe not even served consecutively over such time.  There are families destroyed when officers work over their capacity to perform fairly, as there are high cases of suicide by active officers, and so there must be something inherently wrong in long service of duty on American streets.

There should be a limited geographical range in which officers are assigned to work, and within that range their respective beats should be frequently rotated.  Why place an officer in a town, community, city, or jurisdiction where they live 50+ miles away.  Minimally, no more than 15 miles should an officer work from their assign patrol.  There has to be some kind of skin in the game.

The current phrase that you here about the current looters is that they do not live in the City that they are vandalizing.  Likewise, policing will improve when the assigned officers lives and works in the city that they patrol, as it is a simple appreciation for their surroundings.

Judges and lawyers are inclusive elements in policing reform, as bail, sentencing, and incarceration are huge challenges of inequality.  Incarceration and the conditions of prisons has to go through a complete overhaul.  How does it happen that even in prison life the rich have it better than the poor do?