Supplier certification based on ownership is a lasting human exclusion practice in the arena of economic development.  Singling out black entrepreneurs to validate their ethnicity is akin to being forced to take a test to vote, as was done routinely implemented during Jim Crow Laws.  Prospective Supplier Certification is redlining as budding white suppliers are not subjected to any level of scrutiny over ownership an order to market their respective product/service. Similarly, certification papers in parts of the country during slavery were required for the freed slaves to have in their possession, or be regulated to enslavement.

If there were a prize or a true benefit associated with supplier certification one could continue to make the case that business ownership validation is essential to the integrity of a corporate MBE program.  The overwhelming problem is that there are no benefits or preferential engagement becoming to a certified supplier.  All certified suppliers are required to show competitive measurements equal or exceeding white suppliers for product quality.

Supplier Certification processes assumed that there would be special set aside bids for certified firms, however, that is a non-existing practice of supply chain management procedures.  Thereby raising MBE certification to nothing more than a racism crutch for major corporations. It showcases major corporations as MBE insensitive and indifferent to economic development in the minority communities.

Since the enactment of the Small Business Investment Act (1958), nd amended by Public Law 95-5507 (1978), the country has yet to reveal one community that has benefited from MBE certification and full supplier inclusion.  The very city where certification and minority business development garnered the greatest use was the first major city to go broke.  Detroit was the heart of the auto industry and certified black business enterprises were unable to sustain, and Detroit went broke.

The aerospace industry claimed to have a hold on certification and supplier inclusion, yet when the 2001 bail out came around MBE saw zero dollars from the tens of billions handed out by the President.